The SupChina Q2 2019 Red Paper

Get up to speed on all the important news from China in the second quarter of 2019. In our new quarterly Red Paper series, we summarize three months of news from China in bite-sized summaries.

The Q2 2019 Red Paper follows up on the Q1 2019 Red Paper, which outlined 10 possible scenarios of game-changing news that could happen in China in the Year of the Pig, based on our close reading of the news.

The Red Paper is 20 pages long, and in it we give updates on those scenarios, and also highlight topics such as:

  • The second year of the U.S.-China techno-trade war begins. Why did trade negotiations break down between their 10th and 11th rounds?
  • Millions of Hong Kongers protest an extradition bill and declining freedoms. What led to this historic moment, and what does it mean for Hong Kong’s future?
  • The African swine fever epizootic (epidemic affecting animals) is still ravaging hog farms in China.
  • Huawei’s dramatically changing fate at the hands of the U.S. Commerce Department and the whims of President Trump.
  • Ongoing developments related to Xinjiang, where the Chinese government has locked up more than a million Uyghur muslims in concentration camps.

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Here’s a preview:

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