Beijing threatens, with video, that it could quash Hong Kong protests

Domestic News

A propaganda video debuted at a reception in Hong Kong for the 92nd anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Liberation Army. It was shared widely on Chinese social media, including on the platform of China Daily.

China Media Project writes:

It was a July of frustration and conflict in Hong Kong. But the Hong Kong garrison of the People’s Liberation Army sought to finish out the month yesterday on a militaristic high note, releasing a propaganda video that moves disturbingly from in-the-streets exercises in protest containment — with snipers in position and loudspeaker cries, in Cantonese, of “All consequences are your responsibility!” — to full-on missile strikes at sea.

At the Hong Kong reception, the local garrison commander, Chén Dàoxiáng 陈道祥, made his first public comment on the protests in the city. Per Hong Kong Free Press:

Recently, Hong Kong saw a series of violent radical incidents, which seriously disrupted Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, seriously challenged Hong Kong’s rule of law and social order, seriously threatened the life and property of Hong Kong citizens, and seriously violated the bottom line of One Country, Two Systems. This cannot be tolerated and we express strong condemnation.

These messages followed comments by the Ministry of National Defense in Beijing a week ago that also made clear that military force is an option in Hong Kong because the “behavior of some radical protesters challenges the central government’s authority” and “absolutely cannot be tolerated.”

Meanwhile, Beijing’s top diplomat, Yáng Jiéchí 杨洁篪, furthered the government’s narrative that the U.S. has been “fanning the fires” of “violent radicals” in Hong Kong, and former Hong Kong leader Tung Chee-hwa (Dǒng Jiànhuá 董建華) claimed, “We have reasons to believe there were masterminds behind the storm.”

Other reports on the ongoing protests on the streets of Hong Kong, particularly those streets near courthouses where the government is now prosecuting dozens of people on riot charges: