The People’s Daily wants to censor Amazon

Business & Technology

Social media outrage in China, stoked by state media, has forced a handful of companies including VersaceCalvin Klein, and Taiwanese fruit tea chain Yifang to issue apologies in recent days for listing Hong Kong and Taiwan as countries on their websites or clothing and other perceived violations of China’s sovereignty.

Even Huawei, every Chinese patriot’s favorite phone maker, has been in trouble online for listing Taiwan as a country “in the time zone settings on Huawei phones when the user interface is in traditional Chinese language, commonly used in Taiwan and Hong Kong,” according to TechNode.

Now the online mob and their state media enablers have found a new target: Amazon. From the Global Times:

U.S. online retail giant Amazon has irritated many in China on Wednesday after some netizens revealed it was selling T-shirts with images and slogans supporting violent protests in Hong Kong and their secessionist movement, which many view as not only offensive but also in violation of China’s sovereignty.

The top opinion piece (in Chinese) on the People’s Daily’s website yesterday is about the same matter. Titled “If you don’t respect China’s sovereignty, you can’t enjoy profits in China,” the piece mentions various controversies Amazon has had in different countries and accuses the company of taking an “disrespecting the sovereignty and insulting the image of other countries,” and taking an “evil stance.”

Don’t anyone tell the People’s Daily what happens if you search on Amazon for Texas secession or anti U.S. government T-shirt!