A new political slogan: ‘A new era of striving’

Domestic News

There is very little news from China today as the whole country is on holiday until October 7. State media is dominated by articles and photos about the National Day October 1 military parade. As you can see from the screenshot above of the People’s Daily homepage, there is a new political slogan: “A new era of striving” (奋斗新时代 fèndòu xīn shídài).

“New era” was also prominently on display during the October 1 evening party at Tiananmen:

Via this video:

An enormous parade, party to celebrate 70 years of the P.R.C.


Pigeon fanciers played an integral role in China’s National Day celebrations by supplying and training the 70,000 “peace doves” released at the end of the massive parade in Beijing on Tuesday, reports the South China Morning Post.

“From missiles to warplanes: China’s most advanced weapons on parade” is the title of Bloomberg’s image gallery and description (porous paywall) of some of the major new military tech on display yesterday.

“Leaders in Beijing have declared their aims are peaceful, but developments in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet and elsewhere — as well as a military parade — may indicate otherwise,” writes Edward Wong in the New York Times (porous paywall).