Sinica Podcast: China-watching legends Ezra Vogel and Orville Schell


This week’s Sinica Podcast is now live.

The Sinica Podcast this week features an exclusive recording of a China Institute event in New York on September 17 that sought to answer this question: How can the United States live with a rising China, an ideologically different country that is home to one-fifth of humanity? Joe Kahn, the managing editor of the New York Times and the paper’s former Beijing bureau chief, moderates the discussion with Ezra Vogel, the eminent Harvard University professor and author, and Orville Schell, author and the director of the Center on U.S.-China Relations at the Asia Society.

What to listen for on this week’s Sinica Podcast:

10:50: Changing rhetoric: Harmful or helpful?

24:32: The future of the “China model”

33:09: Trump’s impact on U.S.-China relations

38:24: The legacy of engagement

41:04: A case for reengagement with China

Listen now to: Is China the Enemy? Featuring Ezra Vogel and Orville Schell