Friday Song: Faye Wong forever

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The songs above feature in Krish Raghav’s list of 70 songs for 70 years of the People’s Republic of China. The text below is adapted from that post.

Wong Faye (王菲 Wáng Fēi)

Her impact, her reach, her stature. It’s impossible to reduce it to a song. Or even an album. Fable, her 17th studio album, is not her most popular or influential. But it captures what made her so fascinating.

The first five songs are explorations of Buddhist themes, with complex songwriting that seems to channel someone like Bjork. Then come the radio-friendly unit-shifters, followed by two songs that somehow meld these two strands together. It’s Wong Faye at her most experimental, before her divisive 18th album and a long hiatus.

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