The anger of David Boring, the grief and rage of Hong Kong

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The album above, Unnatural Objects and Their Humans, features in Krish Raghav’s list of 70 songs for 70 years of the People’s Republic of China. The text below is adapted from that post.

David Boring’s 2017 debut album, Unnatural Objects and Their Humans, was a crystal ball. A jagged, sharp, screeching work of Hong Kong ennui and Hong Kong anger.

Everything is beautiful and everywhere hurts.
Everyone’s a victim.
Everything is boring.

Their world — withdrawn, alienating, gloriously noisy — was a “self-indulgent celebration of new age sufferings.” It was a mood board for the frustration and anger of the post-Occupy years. Their anger then is the anger we see now on the streets of Hong Kong — a grief and rage, considered and thoughtful and impatient and untamed.

They’re my absolute favorite band in the world right now.

70 songs for 70 years of the People’s Republic of China

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