Chinese gangsters use drones to spread African swine fever

Jordan Schneider of our network’s China EconTalk podcast has translated a story from China Comment, an outlet associated with Xinhua News, about Chinese gangsters who are part of so-called “swine stir fry syndicates” that try to manipulate pork prices by spreading not only rumors but even the virus itself.

It’s an interesting read, and a timely reminder that fundamental governance issues plague Chinese society to an extent that few outsiders appreciate.

See also: Chinese pig farming kings thrive as African swine fever sends prices soaring in the South China Morning Post:

China’s pork crisis, which has sent prices soaring, has still produced some big winners.Chief among them is Qín Yīnglín 秦英林 .The chairman of Muyuan Foodstuff has seen his net worth more than quadruple this year to $8.6 billion.