Malaysians angry over Chinese ambassador’s defense of Xinjiang policies

“In op-eds published by several Malaysian media outlets last week, China’s ambassador to the Muslim-majority country denounced ‘Western media reports’ of Uygurs and other minorities being detained in Xinjiang Province as sensationalized ‘half truths,’” says the South China Morning Post.

But the ambassador’s public relations blitz in the media — coupled with videos on the embassy’s official Facebook page highlighting “thousands of terrorist attacks” in Xinjiang — did little to reshape public opinion in Malaysia over China’s internment of its Muslim minorities. Instead, the commentaries sparked anger online and among the country’s leading Muslim intellectuals.


Russian Muslim leaders have begun to criticize China over its Xinjiang policies, according to the Chinese-language edition of Voice of America.  

“The live feed of the sixth Democratic presidential debate was cut without warning in China Thursday night during a discussion on allegations of human rights abuses in the country’s western region of Xinjiang,” reports CNN:

The screen went black just before 9 p.m. ET after PBS moderator Judy Woodruff asked Mayor Pete Buttigieg if the US should boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics over China’s alleged mass detention of its Uyghur citizens.

—Jeremy Goldkorn