Senior official says same-sex marriage to be considered

Chinese state media are reporting (in Chinese) on a senior official’s remarks on gay marriage last week. Per an English report by the Global Times:

Yuè Zhòngmíng 岳仲明, spokesperson of the Commission for Legislative Affairs of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, said that they have been advised to include the legalization of same-sex marriage in the civil code when the draft civil code solicited public opinions from October 31 to November 29.

The commission has received 237,057 online suggestions and 5,635 letters, and were mainly about further clarifying scope of close relatives, improving the common debt of spouses and legalizing same-sex marriage, Yue said. Yue did not elaborate on the same-sex marriage request.

The topic has triggered heated discussions on Chinese social media [in Chinese]. It was viewed over 400 million times on China’s Twitter-like Weibo on Friday.

I can’t see it happening — the Communist Party is just too conservative. But you never know.