Will Israel sign a free trade agreement with China?

Bloomberg reports (porous paywall):

In what could be a test of how much leeway the U.S. president gives to close partners, Israel hopes to conclude a free-trade agreement with China as early as next year, according to a senior Israeli official, who requested anonymity because the discussions aren’t public…

Talks have been underway since 2016, but the latest round coincides with heightened scrutiny around cooperation between Israel and China, as the U.S. pressures Israel to be cautious with the role of China in its economy. For Israel and other close American allies in the Middle East, it’s a balancing act they’ve had to perfect in the face of a more assertive China as the U.S. reconfigures its military posture in the region.

While Israeli and Chinese officials met about a month ago for the seventh round of talks, the official cautioned it’s still unclear if Israel will be able to clinch the deal next year because of the ongoing political deadlock that’s preventing formation of a new government in Jerusalem.