A hotel room in Hong Kong for $12 a night

The South China Morning Post reports:

The outlook for Hong Kong’s hotel sector looked bleak as occupancy continued to fall on the run-up to Christmas despite room rates dropping to as low as $12 a night.

Hotel rates for Christmas hit a low of HK$93 ($12) at the Winland 800 Hotel in Tsing Yi, which is offering the rate through the Trip.com website. The hotel did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment.

If, over the holiday week, you missed this gripping tale, How murder, kidnappings and miscalculation set off Hong Kong’s revolt from Reuters, go read it:

City leader Carrie Lam [林鄭月娥 Lín Zhèng Yuè’é] insists she, not Beijing, was the prime mover behind the legal proposal that ignited Hong Kong. In fact, the campaign began well before the lurid crime Lam cited to justify amending extradition laws – and it began with Chinese officials, Reuters has learned.

—Jeremy Goldkorn