China sails aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait as young Taiwanese turn away from the P.R.C.

Reuters reports:

China has sailed its new aircraft carrier into the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Thursday, as a presidential election campaigning was in full swing on the island amid heighten tension with Beijing…

Taiwan holds a presidential vote on January 11 with President Tsai Ing-wen [蔡英文  Cài Yīngwén] hoping to win re-election. She has repeatedly mentioned what she sees as the threat of China as a warning to voters.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports on the ever-diminishing support for integration amongst young Chinese:

A  generation of young Taiwanese, who like to say they were “born independent,” have never thought their homeland could be subsumed into the People’s Republic of China the way Hong Kong was in 1997.

These sentiments have hardened during Hong Kong’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, and look set to propel Taiwan’s independence-leaning president Tsai Ing-wen to reelection next month — a result that seemed unlikely as this year dawned.

With Tsai’s reelection, the divide between millennials who want an independent Taiwan and older generations who have generally been more amenable to Communist-run China will only grow wider. Perhaps irrevocably so.