Huawei gets a Christmas gift from the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal gave Huawei a Christmas present yesterday in the form of an article titled State support helped fuel Huawei’s global rise (paywall). The reports says:

The largest portion of assistance — about $46 billion — comes from loans, credit lines and other support from state lenders…The company saved as much as $25 billion in taxes between 2008 and 2018 due to state incentives to promote the tech sector. Among other assistance, it enjoyed $1.6 billion in grants and $2 billion in land discounts.

  • This matters because Huawei has consistently claimed that it has an arms-length relationship with the Chinese government.
  • Huawei blasted the report, tweeting

Once again, the Wall Street Journal has published untruths about Huawei based on false information. This time, wild accusations about Huawei’s finances ignore our 30 years of dedicated investments in R&D that have driven innovation and the tech industry as a whole.

Click the above Twitter link for Huawei’s full response.