Toxic masculinity in China

Li Yuan has a horrible story — or rather a good story about horrible things — in the New York Times: For China’s pickup artists, sex is the goal and urging suicide is a tactic (porous paywall). It’s about the toxic culture of “PUAs,” or pickup artists, a misogynistic import from the sewers of the American internet:

Over the last decade, it has become a big business in China. Thousands of companies and websites catering to the pickup community and offering dating advice for men have cropped up. One of the biggest websites, Paoxuewang, said it had nearly two million members before it was shut down in 2018. At its peak in late 2017, Langji, the most-well-known PUA company, employed a staff of about 400 and had nearly 100,000 students, according to Chinese news reports.

—Jeremy Goldkorn