Hong Kong topic leads to Chinese walkout from world student debating contest

The South China Morning Post reports on the latest clash of values between global culture and a China that only wants to hear one story about itself:

The World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) was held on January 3 in Bangkok. Organizers canceled a live stream of the event midway.

About 30 mainland Chinese students and teachers who were in the audience left the venue after the motion “This House, as China, would grant universal suffrage to Hong Kong citizens” was announced, according to sources.

A total of 34 mainland students from 11 universities were among about 1,000 debaters from more than 50 countries competing in the tournament.

The winning team from the University of Oxford, comprising Singaporean Lee Chin Wee and Canadian Jason Xiao, also in rare fashion redacted their names from official records after the competition. They had argued against the motion.

It’s remarkable — or perhaps it’s only too predictable — that even Oxford students who are NOT citizens of the P.R.C. feel intimidated in this way.