Podcast for January 10, 2020

TechBuzz China: Episode 58: China grocery ecommerce: Bloodbath or gold mine?

Tech Buzz 58 1

Hosts Rui Ma and Ying-Ying Lu talk about grocery ecommerce, or buying fresh food over the internet. The sector, which in China is sometimes taken to include “new retail” concepts such as Alibaba’s Hema, is seen as one of the few remaining “blue ocean” ecommerce opportunities in China, and is attracting a lot of investment and interest.

NüVoices Podcast: Reimagining Hong Kong’s political communities

In this episode, Hong Kong–based writer Jessie Lau speaks with Hong Kong-Canadian journalist and NüVoices chair Joanna Chiu about the generational divides and diverging opinions on the Hong Kong protests that have torn apart families.