The state of China-Africa relations and trade in 2020

Our partners at the China-Africa Project have a new report out, a “practical guide to 10 important trends that will shape China-Africa relations in 2020.” You can download it for free here (or from this link if you’re behind the Great Firewall).  

The table of contents is a good 30-second primer on the state of relations between China and Africa. I’ve bolded the themes I think particularly noteworthy:

  • China’s new “Twitplomacy” in Africa
  • Chinese tech reaches critical mass in Africa
  • A new approach to Chinese debt financing in Africa
  • The emergence of Chinese-financed railways in Africa
  • Africa’s precarious position between the U.S. and China
  • Why Africa matters to China (Hint: It has very little to do with resources)
  • China finally makes West Africa a priority
  • China finances both clean and dirty energy in Africa
  • The rise of Chinese private sector investment in Africa
  • Protecting Chinese people and property in Africa