Kenyan students stuck in Wuhan

The African country with the most students in Hubei Province has so far offered no assistance to get any of them out.

On January 31, eight days into the lockdown of Wuhan due to the coronavirus, the Kenyan Students Association of Wuhan lobbied Sarah Serem, Kenya’s ambassador to China, to evacuate them from city. Serem denied the request, and added in her official reply: “Praying that the LORD’s protection be upon each one.”

As April Zhu reports for SupChina, what makes the situation extra tough for these students is that many of them are on China-funded scholarships, and feel afraid to voice their anxiety. “It’s also about the students not wanting to be outed as China critics then having to deal with microaggressions at school with nationalistic faculty or students,” one student said.

As an interesting sidebar, Zhu has compiled a list of countries that have evacuated their citizens, from the U.S. to Spain to Russia to Kazakhstan. There are many more.

—Anthony Tao