Scenes from Beijing during the coronavirus

beijing coronavirus ping pong

A bit of normalcy in Beijing as locals play Ping-Pong in the park at sundown. Photograph by Andrew Braun.

We’ve had some lovely days in Beijing recently, partly thanks to a fresh coat of snow on Wednesday and — to my surprise — a veritable accumulation on Thursday. What does it all look like? Photographer Andrew Braun contributed a photo essay from earlier in the week, and I took this video while scootering on snowy terrain.

It remains as interesting as ever to be in China’s capital, where most people remain on alert though without panic. There have been no runs on essential supplies, no forced quarantines or lockdowns (only reminders posted on doors to stay vigilant). Many businesses — including bars and restaurants — were asked to close down for the next few days, however. We’ll see how much longer this city of 22 million can remain so quiet.