Must-watch video diary of Wuhan under quarantine

Society & Culture

It’s been almost three weeks since China imposed a lockdown in Wuhan, the epicenter of the the COVID-19 outbreak. While the epidemic has shown no sign of slowing down, life goes on for the 11 million residents of the metropolis.

A filmmaker in Wuhan, who goes by the name @蜘蛛猴面包 (zhīzhū hóu miànbāo) on Weibo, has created a video series named Wuhan Diary. Unlike other on-the-ground footage filmed in the isolated city, these videos — free of hysterical speculation and sentimental anecdotes — offer a view into the impact of the outbreak on average people, such as food vendors and delivery workers. The videos also highlight the commendable volunteering work happening in the city, which is rarely reported in the media.

The creator has released nine episodes so far, and they are available for viewing on YouTube.