Global Times demands apology from Amazon

State propaganda outlets continue to issue full-throated condemnations of the Wall Street Journal two days after expelling three of its reporters. Today’s invective from the Global Times is: Immoral Wall Street Journal not welcome in China.

In case you missed it yesterday, Beijing is also mad at the Kathmandu Post. Today, it is the turn of Amazon to receive a demand for an apology from the Global Times:

Amazon is receiving public scorn once again for selling offensive items on its retail platform. The US online retail behemoth has angered many Chinese consumers after they discovered t-shirts and coffee mugs featuring the slogan “Coronavirus made in China” were being sold on the platform. If Amazon doesn’t want to stand against their Chinese consumers, the company should apologize and punish vendors for selling such items.

The trouble about this type of thin-skinned response is that it never seems to be directed at the really bad offenses. The Global Times has, for example, not followed up on this Al Jazeera report:

‘Shameful’: Ukrainians attack bus carrying China evacuees

Ukraine’s effort to quarantine more than 70 people evacuated from China over the new virus outbreak has plunged into chaos, as residents opposing the move hurled stones at the evacuees and clashed with police.