Xi Jinping, tranquilizer pill for international panic

The Marxist theorists at Party journal Qiushi must have quarantine-induced cabin fever. Their latest emission sounds like North Korean state TV’s “reporting” on Kim Jong-un.

This is a translated extract from a piece (in Chinese) published on February 20, titled “The feeling for people of the leader of a great nation.”

In the face of this rare, unprecedented, menacing coronavirus epidemic, General Secretary Xí Jìnpíng 习近平 is calm in every major event, and has superb political wisdom and a highly responsible attitude to the people’s lives, safety, and health.

With a highly responsible attitude towards the international community, with a broad and profound mindset of loving the people, a sophisticated ability to handle complex problems, [Xi] calmly and decisively deals with crises, and scientifically prevents and controls crises.

Xi has become the star of the Chinese people’s war against the epidemic prevention. He has become the backbone of 1.4 billion Chinese people and the Chinese nation! He has become the tranquilizer pill that helps the international community to overcome panic!

A bit detached from reality?

—Jeremy Goldkorn