China worries about imported infections, Americans panic buy

Bye-bye, GDP targets?

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It’s global now: A map of COVID-19 reported infections from Johns Hopkins CSSE.

American media coverage of COVID-19 has followed Europe and shifted to the domestic situation. In the U.S., there are now 118 reported infections, and the Trump administration is bungling its response and covering up the bungle. Americans have begun panic buying. The Party newspaper People’s Daily is preparing to enjoy the upcoming spectacle.

The global infection count is now 92,818, with 80,151 in the P.R.C. (latest data here). South Korea at 5,186, Italy at 2,502, and Iran at 2,336 are the other countries with reported cases above 1,000.

China is “urging overseas Chinese to stay away as imported virus cases rise” and putting other restrictions on international travel into China, reports Reuters:

The number of new daily infections overseas now exceeded new cases in China, with Italy, South Korea and Iran focal points.

The battle at home is not over: Hubei Province is set to continue with strict containment measures for the near future, per Reuters, while Beijing has “banned all taxis and carpooling services from traveling in or out of the city,” according to Caixin. See item three below for more on China’s official actions and news from the provinces.

—Jeremy Goldkorn