Internet users give middle finger to new beauty fad

The latest beauty fad on the Chinese internet — following the A4 waist challenge and the thigh gap challenge — is called the #4cmWristChallenge (in Chinese), which is exactly what it sounds like. Participants take photos of themselves with a ruler placed next to their wrists, providing evidence that their wrists measure less than 1.57 inches.

Since the challenge took off on Weibo earlier this week, thousands of women have earnestly showed off their tiny wrists. As of March 19, the hashtag has garnered 17 million views and inspired more than 20,000 Weibo posts.

The challenge is a reminder of the dangerous beauty standards that Chinese society imposes on women. It has also prompted quite the backlash.

You’ll have to click through to SupChina to see it!

—Jiayun Feng