Pornhub bans Chinese word for ‘rape’ after online campaign

Adult entertainment site Pornhub, which is blocked in China, has implemented a ban on the Chinese words for “rape” (强奸 qiángjiān), “gang rape” (轮奸 lúnjiān), and “drug-facilitated rape” (迷奸 míjiān). The move came in response to an online campaign on Weibo that accused the website of allowing videos of rape and sexual abuse to be uploaded and making the content easily accessible to Chinese-speaking users.

The initiative was created by Weibo user @Cannotanswer, who called out Pornhub’s unethical business practices in an article (in Chinese) shared on Weibo on March 25. As she pointed out, the English version of the website censors search queries related to rape, but the same rule did not apply to the Chinese version of it. In addition, the author criticized Pornhub for doing an inadequate job policing Chinese-language comments that were advertising rape drugs.