Self-Quarantine in Beijing: Ep. 7, The Aftermath

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This Self-Quarantine in Beijing series that I’ve been making for the past two months started before the rest of the world got infected — and ends this week while the rest of the world remains mired in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People in Beijing, where I live, are moving on. Everybody has been asked to return to work, and on weekends, they go outside to enjoy the weather. If the virus is still here, we’re just living with it amongst us.

But after going through self-isolation, after weeks of intense introspection, there are certain lessons and experiences we won’t forget.

We’ve been indoors, tinkering with dark arcana.


The Fatal Broth

Of course, when you start playing with the unknown…


Nothing to worry about

…unknown things might happen to you.

The virus showed us — is showing us — the failures of systems which need fixing.


Shaping the virus

When systems let us down, it is up to us as individuals to take responsibility for our lives and the lives of those around us.

Everyone by now has learned the four basic rules of this pandemic:


Four basic rules

1. Stay home

2. Wash your hands properly

3.  Wear a mask

4. Keep safe distance from others

All this self-isolation has at least given nature a break: In Beijing, we have observed so many consecutive blue skies and starry nights.


Quiet Town Scenery

This two-month break in my routine has taught me to reconsider some things about my lifestyle, and to improve in three ways:

1. Eat proper food:


2. Care more about the space I exist in:


3. Challenge my posture, both physical and mental. Take control of my outlook:


Spring is back, and we just might enjoy a normal summer…


“Protecting others, I protect myself”

if we don’t discard what we’ve been taught.


Slowly (慢慢来 Màn Man Lái)

Let us slowly but surely get there.

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