Sinica Podcast Network updates: April 13, 2020

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Sinica Early Access: China’s Venezuelan vicissitudes

In a show taped on March 2, before the full force of COVID-19 had hit the U.S., Kaiser and Jeremy chatted with Parsifal D’Sola Alvarado about China’s strategy in the resource-rich but economically devastated Venezuela. Parsifal is a co-founder of the Andres Bello China-Latin America Research Foundation and a foreign policy adviser to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

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Sinica Podcast: R.I.P. Liu Dehai, pipa virtuoso

In this Sinica Podcast Extra, Jeremy talks to classical composer and avant-garde guzheng performer Wu Fei about Liu, his legacy, and the amazing “Ambush From All Sides.”

China in Africa Podcast: An unprecedented crisis in China-Africa relations 

The widespread evictions and mistreatment of African migrants in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou have caused a serious rupture in China-Africa relations. Chinese ambassadors across Africa have been called in to various foreign ministries to explain why so many of their nationals in Guangzhou have been visibly mistreated by authorities and rendered homeless by the evictions from their homes and hotels.

Roberto Castillo, an assistant professor at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, is one of the world’s foremost scholars on the African diaspora in China, where he’s done extensive research on the African population in Guangzhou in particular. He joins Eric to share his initial reactions to what’s going on in southern China and what he thinks it will take for Beijing to resolve the crisis.

Tech Buzz China by Pandaily: Episode 65 (Extra Buzz Special): Luckin’s luck ran out

Episode 65 of Tech Buzz China is a special one — a reading of the seventh issue of Extra Buzz, our new biweekly newsletter written by co-host Rui Ma. Listen (and read along) to follow Rui’s thoughts on the biggest story in China tech last week: the alleged fraud of China’s on-demand coffee company, Luckin Coffee 瑞幸咖啡. At its core, we at Tech Buzz believe Luckin is a story of information asymmetry, with voices on either side of the Pacific at times seeming to be telling different stories altogether. Rui explains why investors and other observers who did the proper digging would never have been bullish, or mistaken Luckin for Starbucks.