A handful of open letters to China and the U.S.

A group of more than 100 scholars, politicians, and activists, many of them prominent China specialists, have signed an open letter urging “Chinese citizens and friends of China at home and abroad” to demand “a critical evaluation of the impact of CCP policies on the lives of Chinese citizens and citizens around the world.”

Nationalist rag the Global Times responded with an article calling the signatories “obscure” and the letter an attempt to “seek eyeballs.”

The new letter follows another, quite different open letter from 100 Chinese scholars addressed to the people of the United States, which urges cooperation and an end to “politicized criticisms” in order to curb the global spread of the virus, and a similar open letter from a group of American scholars, diplomats, and politicians.

There was yet another open letter this week on a different but related topic from a group of U.S. scholars and foreign policy types (some of whom signed the other American letters) calling upon “U.S. leaders at every level and in every sector to take action against anti-Asian racism.”

—Jeremy Goldkorn