Sinica Podcast Network updates: April 22, 2020

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China in Africa Podcast: A discussion with Ambassador Kuang Weilin on current issues in China-Africa relations 

For some perspective on the Chinese outlook on the current state of Sino-African ties, China’s former ambassador to Sierra Leone and the African Union, Kuang Weilin, joins Eric and Cobus from Shanghai for a wide-ranging discussion on all the key issues confronting policymakers.

Middle Earth Podcast: Episode 31: The visual effects industry in China

John Dietz of BangBang Pictures has worked on over 30 movies in China, ranging from blockbuster films to micro-budget independent projects. He has seen the domestic visual effects (VFX) industry grow tremendously since moving to China in 2009, and works as a third party who handles top-to-bottom implementation of VFX for film projects. In this episode, he shares with Aladin a few tricks of the trade, including how he finds success working with international teams, and provides details about the logistics of some of the projects that he has worked on.