Editor’s note for Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear Access member,

Relations between China and much of the Western world continue to worsen. Australia is the focus of our top story today, but there is also a war of words between France and China: see the links in our Politics and Current Affairs section below. And from Washington, D.C.’s hometown newspaper, there’s this: Matthew Pottinger faced Communist China’s intimidation as a reporter. He’s now at the White House shaping Trump’s hard line policy toward Beijing. And here is an episode of the popular Freakonomics Radio podcast that is as negative on Beijing as Pottinger. Meanwhile, anti-Asian racism continues to grow in the U.S. See our third story below.

Welcome to our new reality.

One of the major factors that has soured many people across the world who were once sympathetic to China is the Party’s persecution of the Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups. Here’s a new video from Vice about the Uyghur journalists of Radio Free Asia’s Uyghur service who are leading global reporting on the ill treatment of their people in China.

Our word of the day is chewed gum on the bottom of a shoe (鞋底上的嚼过的口香糖 xiédǐ shàng de jiáoguò de kǒuxiāngtáng), the colorful phrase that Global Times editor Hú Xījìn 胡锡进 used to describe Australia as it relates to China.

—Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief