Sinica Podcast Network updates: April 30, 2020

Sinica Podcast: The pathogen and the prejudice: Jiwei Xiao on COVID-19 in China and in America

Literature professor and cineaste Jiwei Xiao, who grew up in Wuhan and whose mother still lives there, published a piece in the New York Review of Books about watching the coronavirus pandemic unfold — first at a distance in Wuhan, then up close in the U.S., where she now resides. In this episode, Jiwei joins Kaiser and Jeremy to discuss her experiences.

China in Africa Podcast: The UN’s Vera Songwe on the status of African debt relief

Economic conditions in a number of African countries are worsening by the day. Lockdowns and a plummet in global commodity prices brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to severe economic repercussions across the continent. Vera Songwe, executive secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, joined Eric and Cobus for an update on the ongoing negotiations between African governments and international creditors.