Sinica Podcast Network updates: May 4, 2020

Sinica Early Access: Grounding China’s drones: Leading drone maker DJI’s Brendan Schulman on U.S. regulatory challenges

A congressional bill and a draft executive order threaten to prevent U.S. government agencies from using drones made in China or that contain Chinese components. Concerns over security issues may end successful programs by the Department of the Interior and other agencies using Chinese-made drones for a huge range of purposes. Brendan Schulman, vice president for public policy and legal affairs of leading Chinese drone maker DJI, joins Kaiser and Jeremy to discuss.

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Caixin-Sinica Business Brief: The Caixin-Sinica Business Brief, episode 113

This week on the Caixin-Sinica Business Brief: Automaker BYD swaps car production for face masks, ByteDance-owned short-video app TikTok’s downloads soar to over 2 billion, and Australia joins China and the European Union in calling for a new trade dispute system within the WTO.

Ta for Ta: Women, Success, China: Making the case for pursuing your passion, with chef Jenny Dorsey

After beginning her career as a management consultant, Jenny Dorsey pivoted to a graduate program in business at Columbia. Still dissatisfied after a semester in school, she put her studies on hold and embarked on a personal and professional journey of self-discovery as a chef. This led to a string of gigs working in and around restaurants, and allowed her to pursue her own creative endeavors, crafting not just meals but also experiences for her customers.