Editor’s note for Friday, May 8, 2020

Dear Access member,

Here are three things you need to know today:

  • China says movie theaters, hotels, and sports venues can reopen, but it’s not clear how exactly this will work. See story 1 below.
  • Could an Indianapolis-Shanghai partnership save us all? Eli Lilly & Co and a Chinese biotech firm called Shanghai Junshi may have a treatment for COVID-19 in the works to bridge the gap until a vaccine is approved. See story 2 below.
  • Veteran New York Times correspondent Chris Buckley has joined the long list of foreign reporters forced out of China. His colleague Mike Forsythe tweeted:

The list of Chris Buckley superlatives is long. Here’s one. He is the most authoritative and influential reporter covering Chinese politics. He has scoop after scoop to his credit, and his analysis pieces on the Communist Party are the gold standard. Now he will be outside China

Here is a Sinica Podcast recorded with Chris in Beijing in 2017.

Headline of the day: “The new scold war.” Not a headline, a supertitle to be precise, but that’s the way The Economist captions an article titled The pandemic is driving America and China further apart (porous paywall).

Our word of the day is normalization (of) epidemic prevention and control work 常态化防控工作 chángtài huà fángkòng gōngzuò.

—Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief