Editor’s note for Friday, May 15, 2020

Dear Access member,

Here are our top five stories today all summarized below, and the five things I think you should know about as we head into the weekend.

  1. U.S.-China relations continue to get worse, and the knives may be out for American companies.
  2. Despite China’s massive COVID-19 surveillance and testing system, new outbreaks continue to threaten the reopening of the economy. In Beijing, most school-aged students (with the exception of grades one to three) will resume classes by June 8 although it’s unclear when universities will resume in-person classes.
  3. Chinese internet users expect seamless ecommerce delivery as a basic consumer right: Woe to companies that interfere with online shoppers’ convenience, as delivery locker company Hive Box found out this month.
  4. Chinese regulators and Disney are hoping movie theaters can safely welcome customers. Disney’s new Mulan, which stars a famous Chinese actress, will be an early test of cinema in a post-COVID-19 world.
  5. Popeyes, a fast-food chain started in New Orleans in 1972, sells out of food at its first store opening in Shanghai today.

Our word of the day is Chinese counterattack list 中方反击清单 zhōngfāng fǎnjí qīngdān, which the Global Times says will include companies like Qualcomm, Cisco, Apple, and Boeing if Washington continues to apply pressure to Huawei (see story 1).

—Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief