U.S. to expel students ‘with ties to China’s military schools’

Foreign Affairs

More than 3,000 Chinese students in the U.S. may be affected by the new order, while politicians and academics question both its effectiveness and its objectives.

“The Trump administration plans to cancel the visas of thousands of Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States who have direct ties to universities affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army, according to American officials with knowledge of the discussions” reports the New York Times. At least 3,000 students could be affected.

The plans were already under consideration “before China’s announcement of the Hong Kong national security law, but China’s new lawfare against protests in Hong Kong has intensified the enmity of the American political class to the Chinese Communist Party.

But American universities will suffer: Chinese students are a valuable source of funding. They are also major contributors to the scientific and technical prowess of U.S. universities and the private sector companies they spin off.

And here’s the thing: The People’s Liberation Army is more woven into the fabric of daily life in China than the U.S. Army is into American life. Nobody is more than two or maybe three degrees removed from some kind of military connection. This policy is a very blunt hammer that will destroy lives, careers, and economic possibilities, with no upside for anyone.

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  • Tweet from author Eric Fish:

So the US is about to expel as many as 3,000 Chinese graduate students, while officials acknowledge there is no evidence they’ve engaged in any wrongdoing…

Let’s call this what it is. Sen. Tom Cotton and Marsha Blackburn are racists proposing racist legislation to exclude scholars on basis of origins. AND it hurts US national interest to keep out talent. Critique PRC policies — not Chinese people.