Beijing seems to have COVID-19 under control again

Domestic News

Beijing struggles to reopen, but fine-tuned quarantine systems and contact tracing allow for rapid government response.

Children in Beijing were supposed to return to school last week on Monday, June 15, but after a handful of COVID-19 cases were found on June 11 and 12, those and other reopening plans were canceled. But Beijing reported only nine new cases confirmed yesterday June 21, down from 22 a day earlier.

A testing system that can screen almost 1 million people a day, and a fine-tuned quarantine system have now allowed the city to start opening up again. Certain neighbors are designated high risk. If temperature checks and testing find infections, entire residential compounds are strictly locked down.

One health official expects a “cliff-like drop” in the number of infections in Beijing this week, reports Reuters. The entire rest of the country only reported 9 new cases on June 21.