Links for Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Notable China news from around the web.



  • Shanghai-made vaccine shows progress
    Shanghai-made COVID-19 vaccine ready for human trials / Sixth Tone
  • Cattle disease outbreak in Zhejiang
    China reports skin disease outbreaks in cattle due to virus / Reuters
    “China is facing outbreaks of a debilitating virus in cattle that causes a condition called ‘lumpy skin disease’, following an incident on a farm in the eastern province of Zhejiang this week, the agriculture ministry said on Wednesday.”
  • China moves to make Hainan a medical hub
    China creates Hainan special health care zone to tap growing medical tourism market / SCMP
    “As part of its ambitious plan to turn the island into a free-trade port, Beijing has established a special health care zone that under preferential policies will allow it to import medical devices, technology and drugs that are hard to access in the mainland.”
  • WeChat cartography
    Meet the scientists mapping China’s wilderness with cellphone data / Radii China
    “Researchers at Tsinghua University’s Beijing City Lab utilized location-based services (LBS) data from some of the country’s most widely-used social applications — including messaging app WeChat — to map areas of potential wilderness in China.”
  • “Unprecedented and rare” fishing ban in Yangtze River
    China says Yangtze River fishing is no longer viable and installs a ban / Bloomberg (porous paywall)
    “China will impose a 10-year ban on fishing in some key parts of the Yangtze from next year to protect biodiversity along the Asia’s longest river… The move means more than 100,000 fishing vessels will be made redundant and some 300,000 fish farmers will have to be relocated, vice agriculture minister Yú Kāngzhèn 于康震 said.”



  • China’s fair skin obsession
    China’s quest for fair skin, from Zhuang Jiang to Ning Jing / Sixth Tone
    “The politically incorrect anger at BLM will probably draw most of the attention from international observers, but it’s important to understand that Chinese responses to the move — and their preferences for fair over dark skin — are grounded less in race and more in class.”
  • Using Douyin to counter stereotypes
    Can Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, help China’s LGBT community? / Caixin (paywall)
    “The Beijing LGBT Center recently opened an account on Douyin, the domestic version of TikTok, attracting over 2,400 followers and featuring short videos that address misconceptions about the LGBTQ+ community. Center staff members are optimistic that they can inform more people about the true stories of China’s LGBTQ+ community by using creative videos.”
  • Jail time for massage parlor sex scam
    Unhappy ending for massage parlor accused of conning johns / Sixth Tone
    “In April, the Shangcheng District court in the eastern city of Hangzhou ruled against six people affiliated with the massage parlor for misleading customers by suggesting they could receive sexual services. They were sentenced to between six months and 14 years in prison.”