DJI to be blacklisted by U.S. Treasury Department

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The U.S. Treasury Department is reportedly set to announce a ban on investment in eight Chinese companies, including DJI, the world-leading commercial drone manufacturer.

DJI drone blacklist
Illustration for SupChina by Derek Zheng

“The Biden administration will place eight Chinese companies including DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone manufacturer, on an investment blacklist for their alleged involvement in the surveillance of the Uyghur Muslim minority…

“The U.S. Treasury will put DJI and the other groups on its ‘Chinese military-industrial complex companies’ blacklist on Thursday,” reports the Financial Times, or see Reuters for a non-paywalled version:

Aside from DJI, other companies to be added to the list, the FT said, are:

  • Image-recognition software firm Megvii
  • Xinjiang-based supercomputer maker Dawning Information Industry
  • Facial recognition specialist CloudWalk Technology
  • Cyber security group Xiamen Meiya Pico
  • Artificial intelligence company Yitu Technology
  • Cloud computing firms Leon Technology and NetPosa Technologies

My comment: It seems really stupid to include DJI in this list: They make consumer drones, and they have as much connection to human right abuses in Xinjiang as Apple Inc. does to pretty much anything you care to blame the U.S. government for.

But the other companies do seem to have something going on in Xinjiang that is not salubrious.