Editor’s Note for Thursday, April 21, 2022

A note for Access newsletter readers from Jeremy Goldkorn.

editor's note from jeremy goldkorn, editor in chief of supchina

My thoughts today:

Earlier today, Xí Jìnpíng 习近平 gave a speech (virtually) at the Boao Forum for Asia, an annual Chinese government spinfest on Hainan island that used to bill itself as the “Asian Davos” (see official reports in English, Chinese).

In his video address, Xi “called for a commitment to respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, upholding non-interference in internal affairs, and respecting the independent choices of development paths and social systems chosen by people in different countries.”

He did not say anything about the “sovereignty and territorial integrity” of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Xinjiang’s new Party Secretary Mă Xīngruì 马兴瑞 published a piece in the People’s Daily today that essentially affirmed that Xi Jinping is a wise and all-knowing leader, and that the Party’s policies to keep Xinjiang stable are all 100% correct.

Our word of the day is solar power generation (太阳能发电 tàiyángnéng fādiàn) and our other words of the day are: thermal/fossil fuel power, wind power, nuclear power, and hydro power (火电、风电、核电、水电 huǒdiàn, fēngdiàn, hédiàn, shuǐdiàn).