Editor’s Note for Friday, June 17, 2022

A note for Weekly newsletter readers from Jeremy Goldkorn.

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China has a serious aircraft carrier now

Dear reader,

China launched its third aircraft carrier today. The vessel, China’s largest and most sophisticated to date, advanced its “ambitions to build a modern oceangoing navy that can project power around the globe,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The carrier, named Fujian after the coastal province opposite Taiwan, was part of a “bid to catch up with U.S. capability,”

per the Financial Times, and was a “major milestone for Xi Jinping,” said Drew Thompson, a former Pentagon official responsible for China. 

Our phrase of the week is: Collateral damage (躺枪 tǎng qiāng), which could be used to describe the situation that British streetwear brand BOY London has found itself in. 

Last week, security footage of a violent incident at a restaurant in the northern Chinese city of Tangshan, where a group of men brutally assaulted a woman and her friends after she rejected sexual harassment from one of them, went viral and caused uproar in China. One of the men involved in the attack was filmed wearing a T-shirt from Boy London. The fashion label later faced a severe public backlash for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jeremy Goldkorn