Highlighted Links for Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Notable China news from around the world

Below are links to other noteworthy reports published in the last 24 hours from and about China. Click through to our China NewsBase to see all the other stories we collected today.



  • The new space race heats up
    China slams NASA chief Nelson as race to the moon gets heated / Bloomberg (paywall)
    “The competition between the US and China to explore outer space turned prickly after Chinese diplomats blasted the head of NASA and encouraged neighboring countries to support Beijing’s plan for exploring the moon.”
  • Extreme temperatures in northern China
    Imminent heatwaves to scorch northern China / Reuters
    “Heatwaves are predicted to sweep through northern China in the next two weeks, with more than 250 million people expected to grapple with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in some regions.”


  • The Catholic church still and China
    Pope hopes China deal on bishops will be renewed soon / Reuters
    “Pope Francis said that while the Vatican’s secret and contested agreement with China on the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops is not ideal, he hopes it can be renewed in October because the Church takes the long view.”
  • Xi’s leadership reshuffle
    The next wolf warriors: China readies new generation of tough diplomats / Nikkei Asia (paywall)
    “China’s top two diplomats, Yáng Jiéchí 杨洁篪 and Wáng Yì 王毅, are set to leave their positions within the year…Their likely departure…gives Xi the chance to promote a new generation of foreign policy leaders. The choices he makes will underline his global priorities and give up-and-coming diplomats a template for the type of work that wins professional reward.”
  • China’s incentives for child-rearing exclude single parents
    China offers women perks for having babies. Single moms don’t qualify. / NYT (paywall)
    “Officials have been doling out tax and housing credits, educational benefits and cash to encourage women to have more children. But a marriage prerequisite is increasingly unappealing to those who prefer to parent alone.”
  • China sets up $75 billion infrastructure fund to spur spending
    China plans $75 billion infrastructure fund to revive economy / Reuters
    “China will set up a state infrastructure investment fund worth 500 billion yuan ($74.69 billion) to spur infrastructure spending and revive a flagging economy, two people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters on Tuesday.”
  • Russia reaps $24 billion from energy sales to China and India
    China and India funnel $24 billion to Putin in energy spree / Bloomberg (paywall)
    “Russia has pocketed $24 billion from selling energy to China and India in just three months following its invasion of Ukraine, showing how higher global prices are limiting efforts by the US and Europe to punish President Vladimir Putin.”
  • Why have China’s development efforts in Africa succeeded?
    In Africa, “The key to China’s success is, paradoxically, the lack of a defined model” / Pekingnology
    “A key question [regarding the China-Africa economic tie] is whether Chinese engagements provide an alternative paradigm to existing mainstream models…for developing countries..Guided by the pursuit for sustainable growth rather than by specific models, Chinese actors are able to experiment diverse methods to foster structural transformation in Africa.”


  • Expensive ice cream is making Chinese customers lose their cool
    ‘Ice cream assassins’ are killing summer vibes, consumers say / Sixth Tone
    China accounts for one of the largest ice cream markets in the world. However, some of the newer brands are jacking up prices nearly four times higher than trusted brands. These consumers feel victim to “ice cream assassins,” as they are surprised by expensive ice creams by lesser-known brands.
  • Modernizing the works of China’s “Shakespeare”
    Sanitizing a Chinese Shakespeare / Sixth Tone
    “The webseries ‘A Dream of Splendor’ is a hit, but its female characters come off as trite cutouts relative to the show’s 700-year-old source material.”
  • Another sporting event gets canceled in China
    LPGA Shanghai tournament canceled for third straight year / Reuters
    “The World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions event and the LPGA tournament in Shanghai, both scheduled for October, have been cancelled for a third consecutive year because of COVID-19 restrictions in China, officials said on Wednesday.”
  • Shanghai’s coffee culture and architecture
    Shanghai’s newest tool for preserving its history: Coffee shops / Sixth Tone
    “Few passersby give Laners Cafe a glance as they stroll along Yongjia Road in Shanghai’s leafy former French Concession. In a city of a million coffee shops, the small hole in the wall often blends into the background. But that, according to the cafe’s owner, Wang Xi, is precisely the point. She wants the business to feel just like the rest of the local area: ordinary.”