Daniel Rothwell, Author at SupChina
Daniel Rothwell

Daniel Rothwell is a Beijing-based educator by day, noise-maker by night, and LoReLi content coordinator in between. WeChat ID: loreli-china

Friday Song: Su Zixu’s ‘Bare With Me,’ written between English pubs

Sū Zǐxù 苏紫旭 started his performing career hopping between bars in Nanjing, and later Beijing, where he continued this…

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Friday Song: ‘Song of Pig,’ which is very rude to pigs, launched China’s first internet pop star

With the Year of the Pig just around the corner, people in China are buzzing about the release of…

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Friday Song: Carsick Cars — Zhong Nan Hai

Before delving into a brief history of one of the “most admired Chinese bands in the…

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Friday Song: Panic Worm — Chicken Spit

Wuhan might be more famous for SMZB (that punk band with the bagpipes) or the hangout Wuhan Prison,…

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Friday Song: Beijing punk band Demerit: Sink or Swim?

Independent record label Maybe Mars has been trendsetters of the Chinese underground music scene since 2007. On January 1, it…

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Friday Song: A Beijing New Year’s Eve tradition with Macondø

By definition, tradition is “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior,” and this year, Beijing’s Temple…

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