Daniel Rothwell, Author at SupChina
Daniel Rothwell

Daniel Rothwell is a Beijing-based educator by day, noise-maker by night, and LoReLi content coordinator in between. WeChat ID: loreli-china

Friday Song: Panic Worm — Chicken Spit

Wuhan might be more famous for SMZB (that punk band with the bagpipes) or the hangout Wuhan Prison,…

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Friday Song: Beijing punk band Demerit: Sink or Swim?

Independent record label Maybe Mars has been trendsetters of the Chinese underground music scene since 2007. On January 1, it…

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Friday Song: A Beijing New Year’s Eve tradition with Macondø

By definition, tradition is “an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior,” and this year, Beijing’s Temple…

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