Darren Byler, Author at SupChina
Darren Byler

Darren Byler is a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington, where he studies the aesthetics and politics of urban life in Chinese Central Asia. His writing has appeared in Guernica, Time, the Economist, and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

Uyghurs don’t need to be saved. Their stories need to be mainstreamed

Poets — and the musicians who perform their lyrics — are at the forefront of…

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‘The night is thick’: Uyghur poets respond to the disappearance of their relatives

The painting “Second Nature” by the contemporary Uyghur artist Nijat Hushur, above, reflects the…

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The future of Uyghur cultural — and halal — life in the Year of the Pig

Top: Uyghur children dressed in Han cultural clothing celebrating the year of the pig in…

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The ‘patriotism’ of not speaking Uyghur

Urumqi No. 1 Primary school, 2018: Uyghur script “disappeared.” Photo by Joanne Smith Finley Uyghur “patriotism”…

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‘As if you’ve spent your whole life in prison’: Starving and subdued in Xinjiang detention centers

When Chinese state authorities prepared to release Gulbahar Jelil, an ethnic Uyghur woman born and raised in Kazakhstan,…

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