Dylan Levi King, Author at SupChina

Dylan Levi King is a freelance writer and translator based in Tokyo. He has previously contributed to LARB's China Channel and Sixth Tone. His most recent project is a translation of Dong Xi's Record of Regret for University of Oklahoma Press.

‘Broken Wings’: Jia Pingwa’s controversial novel explores human trafficking and rural China

Locked up in the cave, the only thing connecting me to the outside world was that one…

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China’s intellectual dark web and its most active fanatic

Liu Zhongjing, with his philosophy called “Auntology,” built a name for himself by espousing aggressively anti-leftist and…

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Jordan Peterson and China’s ‘white left’

Jordan Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, is a clinical psychologist and professor of…

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