Eddie Park, Author at SupChina
Eddie Park

Eddie Park is a South Korean writer with a weird language-learning obsession. He currently resides in Beijing.

A second Tsinghua University professor is investigated — but this time, for not teaching Marxism ‘correctly’

A picture of a Tsinghua University Marxism department meeting from 2017. The suspension and investigation of Tsinghua University Professor of Law…

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Students at China’s top university administered ‘political loyalty’ surveys

Very strongly support, strongly support, not sure, strongly disagree, or very strongly disagree: Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese…

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‘Deers’ vs. ‘Horses’: Old and new Marxist groups wage ideological battle at Peking University

One Marxist student group is backed by the Party. The other’s WeChat account is blocked.   “Wherever Yue and Gu…

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The Red Runners of Peking University

“The earth belongs to us, the workers, no room here for the shirk, how many on our flesh have fattened!”…

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