Eleanor Goodman, Author at SupChina
Eleanor Goodman

Eleanor Goodman (顾爱玲) is the author of the poetry collection Nine Dragon Island (2016), and the translator of Something Crosses My Mind: Selected Poems of Wang Xiaoni (2014), Iron Moon: An Anthology of Chinese Workers Poetry (2017), and The Roots of Wisdom: Poems by Zang Di (2017).

The great romantic of 20th-century Chinese poetry, Xu Zhimo

This past spring, I traveled to rural Zhejiang Province to participate in a poetry event. At one of the…

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When words kill: ‘Big-character posters’ are testament to tenacity and suffering in one of China’s darkest periods

In China in Ten Words, translated into English by Allan H. Barr, author Yu Hua gives a trenchant description…

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