Elliott Zaagman, Author at SupChina
Elliott Zaagman

Elliott Zaagman is a corporate trainer, executive coach, and writer who splits his time between Bangkok and Beijing. He focuses on Chinese companies and how they relate to their employees, customers, and the public. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, or on WeChat at ezaagman.

Huawei’s problem of being too ‘Chinese’

China’s biggest telecom company can attribute much of its success — and most of its setbacks — to how stubbornly “Chinese”…

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Inside the Chinese censorship rabbit hole

On Chinese social media, Xi Jinping, ejaculation jokes, and the Relevant Organs parody Twitter account are among the subjects which…

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Why Chinese companies need to embrace diversity

Lately, there seems to be a trend of Chinese organizations bringing self-inflicted damage upon themselves with poorly thought-out actions, unaware…

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Giraffes, wolves, and dragons: How evolutionary biology explains the Chinese internet

Chinese companies are adapting to their environment and quickly diverging from their erstwhile similar U.S. counterparts. It’s survival of the…

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Thinking about working for a Chinese company? First, find out if it’s a ‘Lenovo’ or a ‘Huawei’

An in-depth look at the culture of China’s two most powerful brands, and the surprising differences in how they are…

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‘Fake news’ in China: When Chinese companies attack bad PR

Why do some companies in China forgo brand-building opportunities when bad things happen? Nine international public relations experts explain.

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