Frankie Huang, Author at SupChina
Frankie Huang

Frankie Huang is a writer and strategist who was born in Beijing and raised in New Jersey. She currently lives in Shanghai. Follow her on Twitter @ourobororoboruo

The actual worth of Chinese language proficiency

There’s an argument currently happening on Chinese social media about the value of learning English. The very…

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‘To be a Chinese mother, you need a strong heart’: A conversation with a young mother in China

China may have abolished its one-child policy, but motherhood remains fraught with obstacles.  

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‘Men are all pig’s feet’ — and other Chinese memes of 2018 that reflect our times

Memes have become a way to appreciate and participate in popular culture, a way to find solidarity, construct identity,…

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‘A Gay’s Life’: First-of-its-kind web game explores LGBT Chinese experience

It’s tough being gay and Chinese. An interactive browser game, playable here, takes players…

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Jin Yong, China’s late great novelist, was a world-creator who shaped Chinese imagination

Clockwise from top left: The Deer and the Cauldron; Book and Sword; Gratitude and Revenge; The Return of the Condor Heroes; The Smiling,…

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