Han Zhang, Author at SupChina
Han Zhang

Han Zhang is a journalist based in New York. She has written for The Diplomat, The Japan Times, BuzzFeed News, Vice and Popular Mechanics. She was born and raised in Nanjing, and educated in Japan and the United States.

Chinese immigrants and students find community through running in Central Park

“The running club saved me,” says Jiao Yanan, who had been feeling depressed after she lost the lottery…

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Q&A with Zing Bai, the founder of a New York restaurant who wants to take her ‘awesome’ fried rice across the U.S.

Last summer, Haijing “Zing” Bai’s parents in Beijing had no idea their daughter had quit her law firm…

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China journalism

Through the lens of American journalism, writer gets a new perspective on telling China’s story

Growing up in China, I never saw a protest, not even a small one. I don’t recall reading…

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